In the Spotlight: Santa Barbara SC U17
(Sept. 25, 2012) - Usually when the end of the season brings a league title, a semi-final spot in the Cal South National Cup competition, a WCDA U16 championship final place and a few tournament championships along the way, most teams leave content for their off season break. Well, for the Santa Barbara BU17s and their coach and DOC of the club, Lloyd Biggs, this was not the case. Biggs says of last season, "yes we played some great soccer, and there was a lot of coach interest for many of the players by the end of the season, especially at the WCDA championships, so from that standpoint I was happy. That said, the boys were very disappointed to lose 1-0 in the final at the WCDA championships last June."
When asked what the teams goals were for this season coach Biggs said, "It’s simple, when June comes around we need to be in a position to attend the WCDA regional play offs in Washington, for the players nothing more than WCDA championship trophy will be good enough for them this season. The boys have been working hard in training and have returned this year with a more mature mentality. From a coaches perspective it is great to see the desire within the group and it is also very exciting!  When you have such a talented group of players with a winning mentality you have to be confident and set high expectations, and that is exactly what we have done as a team."
Although Goalkeeper Eric Kam is out with a broken finger the team have started the season well. Winning all three WCDA regional games in Carlsbad, 3-1, 3-1 and 4-0, and following that up with a Santa Barbara Summer cup championship winning all four games over the weekend. 
Goalkeeper: Eric Kam
Defenders: Luis Ortiz, Victor Saldana, Ricardo Arroyo, Daniel Gail, Conor Daly, Tanner Charest.
Midfielders: Augustin Andrade, Damian Lopez, Miguel Padron, Robbie Landeros, Geoffrey Acheampong, Noah Blacker, Travis Caldwell.
Forwards: Abu Danladi, Juan Robles, Jose Barron, Ricky Reyes
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