Carlsbad Elite B96: A Team on the Rise

(August 16, 2012): The Carlsbad Elite B96 team coached by Carlsbad Elite boys College Placement Director and asst coach at SDSU Paul Holohan is a team to pay close attention to with strong players technically throughout the entire group. The team is off to a strong start as they began their 2012/2013 competitive season with an impressive three wins in the Carlsbad Cup Summer Nights Showcase compiling a record 10 goals for with only one against this past July. This team plays soccer with great passion and heart- their love of the game is evident as you watch their quick passing, high energy possession style of soccer.

This year’s team is comprised of 1 YNT player and several other ODP selections. Many of the players have been playing together since they were 9 years old and over the last two years their ranks of been bolstered by new additions that have added quality to an already technically strong group of soccer players. Despite the varied backgrounds of all the players they have formed a close bond – every family pulling together, united in the quest to help their child better their lot in life and use soccer as the vehicle to get to college. For many of the players this will be a first in their family.

When asked to describe his coaching philosophy Coach Holohan sums things up as follows: “I’ve built teams up in the past with great success and this one is no different . The realism is that we may not have been ready to win a national championship in the years past but that process began years ago. I want to play an attractive free flowing style of football and we do that for sure; but the most important piece for me is developing soccer players, “footballers” as we would say. You do that and the wins will come as you get older and the football shines through and the physical dominance evens out. I want to develop players so when they go on to college they are ready to fit into the best programs.”

This is not new for Paul Holohan who won a Red Bull NL 17 National Championship in 2007 and says this team is very similar. Some of the players then went on to play SDSU, UCONN, North Carolina, Sonoma State, Notre Dame and Tulsa. When talking to the players there is a positive buzz about the upcoming year and a camaraderie and mutual respect brought about by hard training and pushing from within the team to be the best players and to play the best soccer. The team led by captains Rey Ortiz and Arturo Fernandez come to the field in both training and the games ready to give 150%.

Rey Ortiz 97 is a YNT player who is attracting lots of attention.” To be honest, says Holohan, if he was living in England or Spain he would be at a pro club.” “Other players such as Arturo Fernandez 97, Nathaniel Bloom 97, Jordi Lozada 97 and Geovel Vargas 96, and Matt LaBounty 96 are also in the same boat” says Holohan. Paul Holohan sums up the team as a whole by telling us ”college coaches I know very well who have watched our team all say the same thing…they can ALL play and that is what we want to see.”

The Carlsbad Elite B96 will again be competing in the WCDA, the premier bracket of Coast Soccer League, FWR League, and the SCNPL against all the top teams in the region. They finished the season well last year with some hard fought victories against some of the best teams in Southern California and Nevada.

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