About the WCDA

The WCDA is a premier youth soccer program focused on established, elite clubs delivering consistent, high-quality competition and college readiness services for its members. Thirty youth soccer clubs across the western United States have formed the Western College Development Association, with teams representing clubs in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Colorado.

In 2013/2014 WCDA Clubs won 52 different state cups in their respective states and 28 more clubs went on to represent their clubs at Farwest Regional Championships which puts 80 WCDA Teams playing for a Regional Championship!

WCDA Member Clubs have won National Championships with teams that participated in the WCDA in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and more making the National Championship Event.

Consistent High-Level Competition & College Readiness

A primary objective of the WCDA is to provide consistent high-quality competition and enhanced college readiness opportunities for their elite soccer players. The WCDA will also provide an improved scouting environment for college coaches by bringing all of the teams together for a showcase event in Las Vegas, Nevada in November. In addition, the WCDA has created a College Advisory Board composed of coaches from Division I, II and III soccer programs who provide guidance and direction over the college readiness component of the Association.

Member clubs are chosen by the WCDA’s Soccer Advisory Board based on a number of criteria, including a club’s history of elite youth player development and past success in elite competitions.

The WCDA is a supplemental program, and member teams will continue to play in other leagues, tournaments and State Cup competitions. Players will also be able to participate on their high school teams.

College Advisory Board

Greg Brisbane - Western Washington University

Tony McCall - Regis University

Upcoming Events

  • 07/17/15 Albion Showcase
  • 11/27/15 Boys Thanksgiving Showcase - Las Vegas
  • 11/27/15 Girls Thanksgiving Showcase - San Diego
  • 02/12/16 Presidents Day Tournament
  • 03/11/16 Players Showcase - Boys
  • 03/18/16 Players Showcase - Girls
  • May 2016 WCDA Finals - during Showcase of Champions